Server Management

AWS & Google Cloud Server Setup & Management Service

Tons of website and apps now available on market. Many of them very often you will experiencing lag, or slow when you browsing webpages, or using an app. All this due to a low processing server environment or cheap server that they using. The high consumption of the processing power is far higher than the server could provide. 

To fulfil the hunger of processing power for websites or apps, we do provide the service to setup the VPS server in either Google Cloud Platform(GCP) or Amazon Web Service (AWS).

 Google cloud or AWS are capable to support the high demand of server specification, bandwidth. At the same time it could provide the flexibility and scalability to the user. 

Auto scaling is one of the amazing feature from both hosting providers. When the server is idle, it can maintains the server in a lower tier of server grade, this can save a lot money by avoiding from the user spending unnecessary budget. When the usage spike certain threshold the VPS itself will duplicate to ease the high traffic burden. 

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